Our Mission Statement

Premier Coatings Inc. will continue to define professionalism in the painting industry, uphold the highest standards of quality, and engage our clients, co-workers, vendors and investors openly and honestly. Honesty…Pride…Professionalism

Our Core Values

HONESTY: We commit to communicate honestly to our clients, co-workers and vendors. This means that we actively listen to our clients in order to set clear expectations. We actively keep clients informed throughout each project. We also actively listen to co-workers and vendors, setting clearly defined goals and accountabilities for purpose driven results.

PRIDE: We take pride in everything we do because we are craftsmen, in relentless pursuit of perfection. No matter what issue arises we will find the best solution for our clients. Our competition is in creating a higher quality and more efficient solution than anyone else, and then in being better than our last project. We are proud of every single project, and of Premier Coatings, Inc.

PROFESSIONALISM: We are disciplined people who enjoy exceeding expectations. Our appearance, communication and commitment to client satisfaction reflect our dedication to our core values. Our actions define who we are.

Our Commitment to You

  1. We promise to respond quickly and communicate clearly with each client, using defined expectations and scope.
  2. We promise to provide the highest quality of service available to our clients at a reasonable cost.
  3. We promise to work within our clients’ schedule.
  4. We promise to be honest and up-front with everyone, it’s who we are.
  5. We promise to find the best solution for clients, employees, and vendors on quality, efficiency, and value.
  6. We promise to start on schedule and help others work well (co-workers, vendors, and other contractors) so that everyone involved performs their best.
  7. We promise to complete each project as contracted; never changing the contracted scope without first discussing and approving it with our clients.
  8. We promise to respond to concerns within 48 hours of bringing it to our attention, whether we are still working on the job or after we finish.
  9. We promise to stand by our work, and fix any problems caused by our mistake, no matter how long it has been since project completion.

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